Price Matching

Price Matching

If you find a competitor offering a lower price, we're eager to hear about it. Kindly forward us a copy of your estimate or shopping cart, and we'll diligently strive to either surpass or match that price. The estimate should be comprehensive and no more than 14 days old. Please send the details to

Please be aware that we can only match prices for identical products that we offer. Although some items may appear similar, disparities in construction and materials can exist.

To qualify for price matching, the order must not have been placed, shipped, or prepared for shipping. Once an order has been shipped or prepared for shipping, it's unlikely that we'll be able to match a competitor's price.

Should you opt to cancel an order, please note that fees may apply.


  • Quotes must be valid at the time of the match.
  • Quotes must be directly from the company with their name and date on displayed. Verbal quotes do not qualify.
  • Quotes must include shipping costs since some companies do not include these with their cabinetry pricing.
  • Cabinet quality and construction must be the same as
  • Cabinet layout and design must be equivalent to qualify.
  • Price match applies to the total purchase only, not individual line-item prices.
  • reserves the right to exclude brands from this program based on quality, design, or other factors.
  • reserves the right to verify a competitor’s price.
  • Orders cannot be matched or adjusted after they are paid for and submitted.
  • Requests for a price match must be made before an order is placed.
  • Price match may not apply to:
    • Discount pricing that applies to a close out sale and/or special financing packages
  • Flash Sales
  • Measurement or Installation services

For all inquiries, please direct correspondence to reserves the right to decline any quote comparisons that are suspected to be fraudulent or incomplete. We also reserve the right to verify the authenticity of all cabinet quotes submitted. Screenshots will not be accepted.

Please note that our guarantee cannot be combined with any ongoing special pricing or promotions. Additionally, it does not extend to closeout or overstock deals offered by other distributors on a limited basis.

Given that some distributors may offer lower prices by adjusting shipping costs, the lower price must encompass both the cabinet cost and shipping charges for a fair comparison. The terms of shipping must be clearly stated to enable a direct comparison (for instance, if quoting delivery to a trucking terminal, it cannot be compared to home delivery costs).

Lower prices will only be considered based on a commitment to placing an order, to prevent a bidding war scenario. If you do not intend to commit to ordering cabinets, please refrain from forwarding our competitors' quotes.

This offer cannot be applied to orders already in our system or for previous orders.